08 July 2008

The Run-Around

I don't have a printer at home, so I left around 8:20 to get it printed off and copied and whatnot in time for church to start at 9. So I sent it to the printer, then I went to the Tanner Building. The printer was alerting some sort of error, and not working. I called Tim and asked him if there was a printer I could use in the SFH, which is where he meets for the church (and right by where my ward meets for church), and he said no, but he thought there was one in the building I meet in. So I looked there, but he was wrong. Then I went up the stairs to the main part of campus to the SWKT, where I thought there was a printer in the basement area. There were three kiosks, a copy machine, but no printer. The JFSB was locked when I tried to use the one in there. Then I went to the Talmage, and the printer was offline for some weird reason. So I turned it off and on again, but it didn't help. Then I went to the JKB, and finally got it printed. And then I had to go back to the RB and find the room where there is a copier for our ward's use, and then copy it, and then cut them, because there were four on each page.

AND OH MY GOSH! By the time I got to Relief Society, the lesson was half over and no one really cares about the dumb bulletin that much, anyway. Hooray.

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