25 July 2008

Days 5 and 6.

I get to give myself IVs now! This is good news. For one thing, I don't have to go the ER. For another, I don't have to go the hospital. Unless my IV goes bad. Unfortunately, this scenario occurred this morning. I pulled the IV out last night after I finished because it burned, painfully. So today, two nurses examined my veins and poked me two times before they found something that worked.

"You have bad veins," they said.

"So I've been told."

I'm pretty sure my body fluid is basically antibiotic and nothing else. No blood or water left in me.

I got my stitches out! Hooray! Day 6. Also encouraging: the swelling is no longer in my eye. At least, I can't really feel it. So my face is looking somewhat normal again.

Day 5, because I forgot. Honestly, I'm not longer feeling a need for daily updates. This is encouraging, and a good sign. I was wearing the EXACT same clothes as the day before. YES!

In other news, I am becoming a vampire, since I'm supposed to avoid direct sunlight and cannot yet wear sunblock.


Bakes. said...

ok...you're a bad ass. end of story.

Jake & Bre said...

Oh dear Amanda! I'm am so sad to hear such a shocking story. I'm sorry about you're face! Hope it heals quickly! Note to self...stay away from jack russel terriors. Hey we need to catch up! I need your address so I can send you a wedding invite!

Katy said...

Dear Amanda STOP Jack Russell terriers are of the devil STOP I don't know why I'm writing this comment like a telegram STOP I guess I think I'm funny STOP I concur with Lindsey's assessment of your character STOP No matter what those nurses say I think you have great veins STOP Sending you my lovin' from far away Indiana!

Lauren K said...

So I'm mostly the worst friend EVER!!!! I'm so sorry I haven't read your blog in the last 6 DAYS and knew not a thing about what happened! You're amazing and hilarious and I'm so sorry that happened. If I can do anything for you ... start a campaign for the extermination of Jack Russell Terriers ... just tell me and I will in a second! I'm sorry I'm such a neglectful selfish person :(

I'm glad you're okay for the most part and I hope that the scar heals okay and you don't have to go see the beach bum doctor with giant dogs again

And you're an amazing actress

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