20 July 2008

animals can be unkind

On the left, my pre-hospital exploits.

It was my first trip to the ER. How exciting. (Oh, and by the way, I do realize that my zipper is down in this picture. I can't really help it. For some reason, on these pants it WILL NOT stay up. It's broken or something. But I still wear them.)

I got sick of holding the frozen corn up to my face, what can I say?

Obviously it didn't do much for the swelling.

Yeah. Well, I was attacked by a bear. When I was camping in the dumpster. In Guadalajara.

Oh wait, that's a lie. Really, it was dog. A cute little jack russell terrier that I was being friendly to! Or that's what I thought at least.

Questions? Go ahead.
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Anonymous said...

Um, you must clarify this story! A dog did that? And how did it get to your face? Did it claw you or bite you? Must know! I hope it doesn't hurt too much and that you recover soon!

canne said...

oh my gosh! i was always a cat person. case in point.

rachel b. said...

OH NO! I'm so sorry! What happened? My father-in-law saw the pictures, and he said he just read that Jack Russell's are on the top 5 list of most vicious dogs. Poor Amanda!!!

Katy said...

oh my goodness! Note to self never try to be friendly to a Jack Russell terrier. How are you holding up? My only other question is what are you using to hold the corn to your face?

Tim said...

I would have noticed that your zipper was down had you not drawn my attention to it. Ha ha ha!

Tim said...

And I hate how blogger refuses to capitalize names on comments.

Savanna Landrum said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH I love that you strapped the corn to your face! I just got my wisdom teeth out and it does get tiresome to have to hold frozen vegetables to your face all day.

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