29 October 2009

It is a sad day when . . .

. . . people stop blogging. Or when people don't blog at all. Also, sometimes I forget to read private blogs because they don't have an RSS feed, so I don't know they've been updated.

All of these things makes me feel like this:


I'm going to call a few people out now:

Cousin Jen. Husband Tim. Rachel Brown. Shaela and Tyler. Andrea and Luke.

People, I miss your bloggage.

16 October 2009

Oh mamma!

My mom bought me this shirt that I probably wouldn't have bought for myself, but which I like anyway. It's one of those that has the tightness in the upper area and then tons of material after that, if you know what I'm talking about. Poor description, but when I wear it I feel like I'm wearing a maternity shirt.

It doesn't look like it really because apparently those types of shirt look normal on non-pregnant women, but today I looked at the tag and it said "Oh mamma!" and I'm pretty sure that proves that this shirt was made as maternity clothing.


01 October 2009


Oh my goodness. This is an embarrassment. Here I am spouting about my new job (as a professional editor), and spelling words wrong ("by" for "buy").

I'll admit that I sometimes spell words with some incorrect homophonic variation quite frequently.

And yes, I did look up "homophonic" in the dictionary. Yes, it is a word. Yes, I did use it appropriately.

Technically, there probably should be a comma after the word yes in the phrase "Yes folks." That too.

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