31 July 2009


Today I was riding Trax in Salt Lake City. I got to the end of the line. A machinated woman's voice came on saying, "This is the end of the line."

Then in a rather mystical voice, she added, "As far as we go . . ." as if we were coming to the end of a long, arduous, and undoubtedly magical journey.

10 July 2009

fourf of fuly

Am I the only one who doesn't really like fireworks? What's the appeal? It's like, you seen them once, you seen them all.

I'm going to admit to you that Tim and I were in Salt Lake on the Fourth and hiked (on the wrong de-trailed side) up Ensign Peak where several people were staking out a prime spot for the upcoming display. But instead of staying ourselves, we hiked back down on the side with a trail.

biker atm

I rode my bike to the drive-up ATM. For an unseasoned biker, this seemed just slightly odd, until another guy on a bike rode up behind me and proceeded to wait.

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