29 January 2009

Lemonwater gone wrong.

I recovered my water bottle from the BYU Lost and Found. I was slightly concerned that it wouldn't be mine--I figure I wouldn't be able to tell among the masses of water bottles that must be stored in there. And I have seen similar water bottles on campus.

When the girl brought out the pink Camelbak I had described, she asked, "Was there something in it?"

"Is that a moldy lemon wedge?"

It just proves that it's mine.

The lesson I have learned is that lemons smell good, but moldy lemons do not.

27 January 2009


Riding in the elevator turned out to be a good example of why my blog has its name. As soon as the doors closed, I was unexpectedly submerged in complete blackness. Before I had much time to react, though, the lights came back on. No sweat. I pushed the button. But it didn't light up. The elevator was dead. 

I waited for a few minutes and finally pressed the call for help button. Then I sat on the floor and listened to the voices outside. So close, yet so far. Did they know someone was in the elevator? Were they trying to use it? Was someone going to put an "out of order" sign on the outside, apathetic about who was inside?

The elevator eventually came unstuck and operated in emergency mode. Just FYI, the only difference I could perceive was that the doors opened very, very slowly in emergency mode.

24 January 2009

drivers license

I finally got the real drivers license in the mail. And it's really disappointing. Somehow I don't look half as freakish. 

23 January 2009

your chance to participate in a real democracy

Regardless of the fact that my last name is wrong in the URL, please refer to this blog and comment. I'm feeling like democracy is the way to go with this thing.

16 January 2009

Is this normal?

Sometimes I see people, people whom I know, and people whom I like, and I avoid them.

I'm not sure why, and it's a bit bothersome. I'm sure it would be more enjoyable if I just did what I want to do: say hi, be friendly. Why is it that this seemingly simple gesture is at times so extraordinarily difficult for me?

Is it the feeling of unpreparedness always accompanied by a mild sense of awkwardness? I am not sure what to say or do because I didn't plan for it, and didn't expect it . . . ?

Or is it the personal commitment that I have made to myself to always under-perform? To compare and even create scenarios that I have no intention of fulfilling or improving upon?

You know, I just don't know.

04 January 2009


Exhibit A: Tim and I snowshoeing. We are happy.

Exhibit B: The ring that Tim tastefully chose. (Good work, Timmy boy.)

The Story:
On New Year's Day, Tim brought over a dozen red roses and french toast from Kneader's for breakfast. We planned on going snowshoeing that day after breakfast. We were going to rent from Sundance, which has trails and a rental place. Amber Naumann happened to be in town that day, and I had talked to her about hanging out. I asked Tim if she could come with us, but he insisted that we needed to go snowshoeing alone, which was suspicious. So we went rock climbing instead with Amber at the indoor climbing gym. By the time we were done climbing, it would be too late to go snowshoeing because the rental place at Sundance was closing at 5 p.m. Tim seemed disappointed (also suspicious), but we rescheduled for the next day. Friday (the next day) came, and we went. We didn't rent, even, because his roommate happened to have snowshoes we could borrow.
We drove up to Aspen Grove and started on the way. We finally found the trail to Stuart Falls and snowshoed up to that place where there is the big circular concrete structure. I suggested we climb on top of that, but Tim wanted to go up to the left a ways to see if there was an outlook with a view. There was. I was taking pictures or something. It was very beautiful. Then Tim told me he loved me and pulled out the ring, and asked, "Will you marry me?" The ring was nice. He picked it out himself, but it was very similar to one I'd shown him that I liked. So when he asked, I held out my hand to grab the ring, first. "Wait! You have to say something first," he told me. "Okay!" I replied. Then he let me take it, and I let him put it on my finger. Yeah . . . It's cool.
We called the Mount Timpanogos temple and scheduled the ceremony for the 21st of March at 2:00 p.m. Weird, huh? It's pretty neat-o, I guess!

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