27 January 2009


Riding in the elevator turned out to be a good example of why my blog has its name. As soon as the doors closed, I was unexpectedly submerged in complete blackness. Before I had much time to react, though, the lights came back on. No sweat. I pushed the button. But it didn't light up. The elevator was dead. 

I waited for a few minutes and finally pressed the call for help button. Then I sat on the floor and listened to the voices outside. So close, yet so far. Did they know someone was in the elevator? Were they trying to use it? Was someone going to put an "out of order" sign on the outside, apathetic about who was inside?

The elevator eventually came unstuck and operated in emergency mode. Just FYI, the only difference I could perceive was that the doors opened very, very slowly in emergency mode.

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