29 January 2009

Lemonwater gone wrong.

I recovered my water bottle from the BYU Lost and Found. I was slightly concerned that it wouldn't be mine--I figure I wouldn't be able to tell among the masses of water bottles that must be stored in there. And I have seen similar water bottles on campus.

When the girl brought out the pink Camelbak I had described, she asked, "Was there something in it?"

"Is that a moldy lemon wedge?"

It just proves that it's mine.

The lesson I have learned is that lemons smell good, but moldy lemons do not.


Katy said...

hahaha! you gotta love moments like that. At least you're certain it is yours!

Bakes. said...

i'm sitting next to you in the hlrc. i just laughed out loud at this. you didn't notice.

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