03 February 2009

Happy Birthday, Jon.

My brother Jon likes to think that I have gas. Despite my general lack of flatulence (I'm pretty sure I'm mostly normal in this respect), he likes to make fun of me in front of people and tell them I'm gassy.  (He makes fun of me for other things, too, but that's another story for another day.)

Scenario 1: I didn't go to Sunday family dinner (which has morphed into dessert night and appetizer night in various phases, to the point where I'm just not sure what to call it anymore) this week because I "didn't feel good," which could any number of things, except, probably, that I have gas. I have never once excused myself from any function due to gassiness, at least in my recollection. But Jon decided to tell the group that was my reason, anyway. 

Scenario 2: In Costco yesterday, Jon found some Gas-X while I waited in line.  In another ennobling gesture, He shouted, "Amanda, Amanda!" My attention, along with the attention of the rest of the Costco-member store-goers (or maybe just those behind us in line), was had. Then he said, "I found some Gas-X! Do you want some?" 

I love my brother. Happy 26th, Johnny-boy.


Lauren K said...

It's okay Amanda, I'll still love you despite your gas problems ;)

Kerstin Miller said...

hahaha! gotta love the jon comments. happy birthday jon!

Kirsten said...

Don't worry, I was there when Jon made that comment on Sunday night, and no one believed him.

rachel b. said...

Ha! Awesome. Aren't brothers great? That reminds me of this one time, back when me and Jeff were dating, we had this joke (I have no idea now where it came from) where if things were awkward, we'd say, "I toot when I'm nervous. Toot toot." So the first time I ever met Jeff's family, he introduced me and then like 2 seconds later, things got awkward, and he was like, "Rachel toots when she's nervous." And they did not know it was a lame inside joke. Welcome to the family.

Bakes. said...

hahahahaha. this is hilarious....and so so unfortunate.

hanner said...

That was funny. I'm going to start saying that about my brothers now.

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