27 September 2008

two chairs

I saw this chair and it looked picture-worthy. So I took one.

I probably take more pictures of myself than anything else. Is that abnormal? (I delete most of them.)

Happy Birthday, Google.

25 September 2008

Short excerpts from my class this morning.

Teacher: T
Student A: SA
Student B: SB (a.k.a. me)

T: Missionaries?
(Hands go up.)
T: Sister S. Did you get any packages?
SA: Uh, yeah . . .
T: What did you get?
SA: (Hands go up in helplessness.) I don't know.
T: One package that stands out to me: My girlfriend at the time sent me dolls. One with her name and one with mine.

. . .

T: Sister Stoddard, give me a sentence.
SB: "It was not bought for me."
T: Can't be a passive. Need a do-er.
SB: Ummm.
T: Think of someone who bought it for you. Do you have a boyfriend?
SB: No.
T: Husband?
SB: No.
T: Significant other?
SB: No.
T: Close friend?
SB: No.
(Scattered laughter.)
T: Come on.
SB: "He didn't buy it for me."
T: And that is why he's not your boyfriend.

21 September 2008


I'm not writing this to bash on the executive secretary in our ward, in any way at all. Our ward is still fairly new and unorganized, so I don't blame him.

I sent him a text message in order to set up an interview with the bishop.

He replied and said, "Oi Amanda. Yes, I can set an appointment with the bispo." There are two questions this reply prompted:
1. Is "Oi" a greeting?
2. Is "bispo" a word?

I sent another text later attempting to elicit the time and location of the appointment on Sunday. He said, "After church. 2026 JFSB."

I discovered that 2026 JFSB is a men's bathroom.

19 September 2008

A case for Sherlock

I made a few changes, but here's the gist of an issue that occurred at work, as documented by the employee who created the ticket.

"Missing E-mails

"Billy Jo Bob logged into his e-mail account and all of his e-mails were missing. The last time he saw them was around 5:00 PM."

This struck me as hilarious. Can someone find out where these e-mails have run off to?

18 September 2008


I have noticed that if I'm the only person in a public bathroom, and someone else comes in, they almost always go in the stall directly next to me, no matter how many stalls there are. I don't really understand this phenomenon, but I have heard it occurs for guys too (which is worse, to me, because you're dealing with urinals in that situation). What kind of solidarity is there in this?

09 September 2008

What the devil?

Last week, I was contacted by Jehovah's witnesses and Satan, all in the same day.

I was walking, talking on the telly-phony, on my way to campus. As I approached campus, an old man extended his hand to proffer me a publication called Awake!. ("Do you know I go to BYU?") I took it and carried it around in my bag all day.

Then, at work, I received a text message.

From: Satan

"How is your day?"

I replied,

"Oh, you know . . ."

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