09 September 2008

What the devil?

Last week, I was contacted by Jehovah's witnesses and Satan, all in the same day.

I was walking, talking on the telly-phony, on my way to campus. As I approached campus, an old man extended his hand to proffer me a publication called Awake!. ("Do you know I go to BYU?") I took it and carried it around in my bag all day.

Then, at work, I received a text message.

From: Satan

"How is your day?"

I replied,

"Oh, you know . . ."


Katy said...

hahahaha! You seriously crack me up! Though I'm guessing there is some background to this story I may be missing. Nontheless I was cracking up.

rachel b. said...

Oh, that is fantastic!!! I had a surprisingly similar experience once. I saw a baby that looked EXACTLY like Lord Voldemort in the movie (the 4th one, I think?) where he's got a little tiny body and they drop him in the cauldron and Peter Pettigrew cuts off his hand--you know what I'm talking about? The baby looked JUST like him in that movie, before he turned into a big scary man. And then, same day, I saw Bonnie D. Parkin, RS general president, at Macey's, and I'm sure it was her because Jeff followed her around the entire store to try and get a better look at her. Quite the contrast in good and evil. It was so weird.

Rachel the Red said...

Lol! That is funny! The Satan one is the one that got me! I miss you!

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