25 September 2008

Short excerpts from my class this morning.

Teacher: T
Student A: SA
Student B: SB (a.k.a. me)

T: Missionaries?
(Hands go up.)
T: Sister S. Did you get any packages?
SA: Uh, yeah . . .
T: What did you get?
SA: (Hands go up in helplessness.) I don't know.
T: One package that stands out to me: My girlfriend at the time sent me dolls. One with her name and one with mine.

. . .

T: Sister Stoddard, give me a sentence.
SB: "It was not bought for me."
T: Can't be a passive. Need a do-er.
SB: Ummm.
T: Think of someone who bought it for you. Do you have a boyfriend?
SB: No.
T: Husband?
SB: No.
T: Significant other?
SB: No.
T: Close friend?
SB: No.
(Scattered laughter.)
T: Come on.
SB: "He didn't buy it for me."
T: And that is why he's not your boyfriend.


Little Newman said...

Awww, what a mean teacher... and yet I love him/her.
You always make me laugh ^_^

Lauren K said...

You are hilarious and I love the excellent experiences you have ... even if your teacher is rude.

bebs said...

What class is this? Why is he calling you sister? Mission prep?

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