24 November 2009


I've never really been a cat person, but there's this little kitty crying on our porch, and has been for a while.

See, we came home, and it ran around the corner of the porch, and appeared, and I said "Hi Kitty!" And then it responded to that, and came over to me, and rubbed against my leg, and the like. And then all of the sudden I was kind of sympathetic to this creature who was so needing attention of some kind.

So then it followed me inside. And I thought, "Why not let it stay here?" And I have always thought, "I never want pets." (Maybe not always, but I think I can safely say, all of my married life.) So I'm not sure what's happening here.

Tim had to pick the cutie up and take it outside. And it's been on the porch ever since. Meowing and crying. And my heart is pained by that.


i should learn more about html, css, and such, because it would be cool to know.

23 November 2009

future, uncharacterized

Maybe this is selfish of me, but I think that I like the sound of a job where usefulness is immediate and not removed. Where people ask you questions and then you give them answers, and then you have the satisfaction of knowing that you've filled someone's need, no matter how small it was.

Someday, I want to be a librarian. I think. I'm not really sure what this entails. I am not sure what "information science" is about, really. All I know is that I like working in libraries. I have worked in a couple. I like the environment of openness that seems to accompany the places: openness of people (we all stand around wanting to help people when we work there, as well as do other things), openness of knowledge, and openness of learning. (Because they are both available and accessible.) Even the building is open, usually. Unless it's a certain kind of library maybe (one less appealing).

I also think that a place where you feel like you're doing something to improve the place itself, because you have some sense of initiative and creativity, and you can find ways to improve the way things go, is so incredibly great.

And libraries are so integral to the community they are a part of. I want to be a part of building this, because I have come to a realization that I don't much love the corporate model. The one (there may be many, and maybe this isn't one) where you are confined to cubicles for the better part of your living days, and where you stare at a computer screen, and you don't interact with humans much, and where you're just trying to make money, and where other people just want to make money, and it's all about accomplishments and authority and position.

This is all well and good, but I want a part in something bigger than that.

I wish I knew more about these things.

12 November 2009

Fact: Computers make for less good pyschotherapists.

My friend K (who married an Italian, remember her?) posted this website on her Facebook recently. I thought I needed someone to talk to, and I decided to try it out.

I have had this pressing problem of late that I really needed to figure out. So why not give it a go, I thought?

Well, the following is proof that computers really have different functions than human beings (If that was in question.):

P.S. Most of this is a joke . . . except for the part about Tim calling me Jackie Chan. That part is true.

11 November 2009



Find others like it here.

P.S. I have been learning a little bit of HTML and CSS lately, and I was happy to know how to adjust this drop cap letter image even a little!

04 November 2009


An old friend and I were chatting online. This friend is into politics, and I'm not really . . . so I always feel kind of dumb talking about it, because I kind of don't really care. Though I probably should. I probably shouldn't think this way, but I mostly feel like the methods used to acquire a certain end are not necessarily important, as long as the end itself is worthwhile and the means are reasonable. And I also think that I don't really have much involvement or control. And I don't realize, probably, how these things affect me on a fundamental level--but they don't seem to.

I know this is horrible, and I have a lot of friends who think otherwise. And kudos to them, because they probably know a lot more than I do.

But the whole point of this is to point out what I thought was a clever pun.

When my friend had to go, I said, "I am sorry for being a 'lame duck.'"

HAHAHA! Tell me that isn't clever.

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