12 November 2009

Fact: Computers make for less good pyschotherapists.

My friend K (who married an Italian, remember her?) posted this website on her Facebook recently. I thought I needed someone to talk to, and I decided to try it out.

I have had this pressing problem of late that I really needed to figure out. So why not give it a go, I thought?

Well, the following is proof that computers really have different functions than human beings (If that was in question.):

P.S. Most of this is a joke . . . except for the part about Tim calling me Jackie Chan. That part is true.


Becky Beazer said...

I did it too! That was fun...except not as funny as yours. :) It gets pretty boring after her 6 responses or so

Brit said...

Be More positive! haha, that is so funny - or it just hit me right.

Home on the Grange said...

This website looks crazy, a little frightening, and downright intriguing. What a funny post!

Katy said...


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