30 June 2011

two spaces

Lately I've been finding myself peeved by seeing two spaces after periods or other sentence-ending punctuation marks instead of one. I'm not really sure why. It's not technically incorrect or anything, but still . . . (If you're interested in the issue, Wikipedia's article is pretty thorough.)

How about you? Any pet peeves showing their pesky little heads lately?

music revelation

Tim read my most recent blog post (the one where I posted "Can't Get It Right Today" by Joe Purdy) and told me he finds that song annoying. Rude!

I laughed.

Back in the day, our differing tastes in music and methods of listening to music (for example, Tim is an album boy, and I am a song girl. Has anyone else discovered this distinction? Is there a name for it?) used to be a real source of tension between us. I used to complain often that Tim was elitist.

Since then, we have taken pleasure from many of our commonalities in music listening. Music tastes, thank goodness, change somewhat from time to time. (I'm honestly shamed now by some of the stuff I used to listen to, but not all of it was bad.) My tastes have certainly been molded by Tim. And to some degree, we have agreed to disagree (-gree -gree -gree). On Tuesday when we were driving back from Sacramento, he even allowed me to control the iPod. What progress! (Though you can bet it was a new artist for each song. Song girl = mix tape.)

I now leave you with another song (via YouTube). This one I discovered and enjoyed back in the "downloading heyday" (2005-2006), a.k.a. the period of musical awakening when my song library was growing exponentially. I still like this particular song.

17 June 2011

Can't Get it Right

I felt like this yesterday. Thanks, Sarah, for introducing me to Purdy and this purdy, relatable song.

16 June 2011

sleep is important to me

I don't know how you people wake up in the morning when you haven't had approximately 8 hours of sleep. Can't do it.

14 June 2011

phantom phone

I forgot my phone when I left for work today. When I got home 10 hours later, I saw that I hadn't missed anything. I admit, I was a little crestfallen.

It's funny how when I don't have my phone, I care that no one tried to contact me. It's the same story when my phone and I are not separated (i.e., no one tries to contact me), but it's not as disappointing somehow.

09 June 2011

scenic world

I really love, love, love Beirut.

07 June 2011


Have any of you gotten a load of these?

I'm not sure I really get the whole "work out without working out!" concept behind these shoes. Smells like a scam. If I wore these shoes every day, would I get a six-pack (they claim to tighten abdominal muscles!)? As beautiful as my abdomen might be if I did, I don't think I'd ever wear them anyway. I guess I'll have to start doing sit ups now. Actually, who am I fooling? I don't care that much about having a beautiful six-pack set of abs.

03 June 2011

just a thought

Cubicles are so unfriendly to humans.

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