30 June 2011

two spaces

Lately I've been finding myself peeved by seeing two spaces after periods or other sentence-ending punctuation marks instead of one. I'm not really sure why. It's not technically incorrect or anything, but still . . . (If you're interested in the issue, Wikipedia's article is pretty thorough.)

How about you? Any pet peeves showing their pesky little heads lately?


Brit said...


Brit said...

Bah! I don't like it. I think I always double space, it's a part of my fast typing skills developed when young and when that was taught -- so there.

Holly said...

I know why. Ready for it?


Question answered. You're welcome. ;)

Margaret said...

u no wat i hat3? wen peeps cant evn tell da diff btwn there, their, and they're. drives me bonkerz!

Margaret said...

P.S. I also wrote that with two spaces between each sentence, but Blogger automatically takes it out! I think you have a friend in Google somewhere.

Bakes. said...

i miss the oxford comma. a lot.

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