07 July 2011

map-making/art-making, whatever you call it . . .

. . . probably shouldn't be my future profession.


I always find it difficult to explain to people who haven't been to our apartment where they should park because there is designated visitor parking and it's a bit sparse. So here's my solution. Which is no solution at all.

I wrote out some contextual information, though, so perhaps you could consider this "piece" (if I call it a "piece," it's art) deep and meaningful that way.

If you as the viewer understood the context, this would make perfect sense to you. I guess maps and art are different. This image doesn't qualify as either.


Heather Burdsal said...
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Heather Burdsal said...

I feel a deep, artful connection to the layout of the letters on the stop sign. Genius.

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