27 July 2011

call it devotion

Last Sunday I was doing the dishes and the worst of bad things to happen happened: I broke my food processor.

As I was washing it, a piece of plastic broke off the lid. I was going to try to glue it back on, so I saved it by sitting it out on the counter while I finished my task. Later on, I asked Tim to take out the garbage, which he did. Sometime after he returned, I discovered my precious plastic was missing. So I asked Tim what happened to it. He revealed that he had thrown it away.

I thought about screaming "Why would you ever throw something like that away?!?!" But then I realized it's a pretty reasonable thing to do. So instead, we walked hand in hand to the dumpster (on our way out, we told our neighbor we were going dumpster diving, and he offered to help if neededisn't that so neighborly?), retrieved the garbage bag, and rifled through it together, looking for that annoyingly elusive plastic shard.

This bit of trash was quite possibly the most disgusting bag of trash to come out of our apartment in weeks (which is why I asked Tim to remove it posthaste). Not that you wanted to know, but it contained shrimp peels and guts (seriously, it took forever to devein those), rotten limes, mushy tomatoes, and plenty of hairballs and dust bunnies from the freshly swept floor.

Never did find it, though. The only thing that's keeping me from sobbing into my mousepad right now is that the food processor actually is still functional without it.


Margaret said...

Dumpster diving at its finest. You should have just gone through everything while you were already grabbing one bag. Maybe the plastic from other people's trash can be put together to make the lid.

Rachel said...

Bummer! But at least your food processor still works. And, because I like to make everything about me, I just got a food processor for my birthday! I've only used it a few times because, to be honest, my mom didn't have one when I was a kid so I kind of don't know what to use it for. I made a sauce in it once, and used it to chop vegetables another time. Do you have any must-know food processor tips/recipes for me?

Holly said...

I'm a little disappointed there's not photo evidence this time. Let's keep up our high standards, eh?

Also, I would have thought it worth it to just buy a new food processor rather than sift through a bag of trash like that. Or to at least see if it worked without it before dumpster diving. But then my adventurous spirit is somewhat lacking at times.

You need to tell Tim how awesome he is, because I think that had to have taken a lot of love on his part.

Heather Burdsal said...

Since I'm not entirely sure what food processors do, I have always found them to be rather suspicious. I'm just sayin', you might be better off without one. You never know WHAT that thing is actually doing to your food. Processing? Sounds shady . . .

Hilary said...

I secretly suspect that you just like dumpster diving. It seems to happen with some regularity with you.

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