28 July 2011

speaking of dumpster diving

I pulled another chair out of a dumpster recently.

I think I'm going to start a business of pulling slashed chairs out of Office Depot-type dumpsters, then stitching them up and selling them for below market value. But I am really bad at stitching, as I am inconsistent, lazy, and slow, so this probably isn't my best business idea. Also, I think some of these chairs are thrown away due to defects.


Here's my other business idea (and if any of you steal it, I'm going to be very mad): Subway-style pizza restaurant. Personal-sized pizzas with your choice of sauce, toppings, and cheese, baked in wood-burning pizza oven. To go.

I should be an entrepreneur, right?


Meg said...

You know, I'm starting to worry about you and your dumpster diving habits. They should probably give you a show on TLC or something. PS I think you should watch out for whatever it was that slashed your newest chair. It's probably going to get angry at you for stealing its trophy and come after you.

Margaret said...

I'm going to make millions from your to-go pizza concept. Millions!

Heather Burdsal said...

I think Kramer came up with your pizza idea on an episode of Seinfeld. He beat you to the punch way back in the 90s. Tragic, right?

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