28 February 2011

road rage

I have a problem. I have become one of those people. You know, someone who thinks teens are selfish idiots and wonders what is happening with kids these days.

I certainly was never like that. I'm still not . . .


(click to enlarge)

This is a (loose) representation of me driving to work in the morning. Usually I get to this intersection when the cross-street has a green light. I stop and glance to my left, eyeing the horde of teens on the corner. It's like I'm hunched over at the opening lines of a track race, scowling at my competitors.

I don't know what that is like because I'm not an athlete, but I have seen movies.

The light turns green, and I get a green arrow to turn left.

BUT NO!!!!!! Thwarted! The gaggle of children begins their trek across the street, thinking that because the light is green, they can walk.

"I have the right of way, children!" I scream in frustration. (No matter that I am less than ten years older than some of these kidlets, I'll still call them "children." Who am I?)

I think I need to start taking a different route to work in the mornings. This scenario fills me with homicidal thoughts every morning.

17 February 2011


Last week at work we had a week of academic meetings. I just transferred to a new department, so I got to go this time (in the past, I haven't gone to anything except the all-staff dinner). During these meetings, they fly in almost all the remote employees (of which there are many). It's kind of ridiculously extravagant. I imagine they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars providing transportation, room, board, renting out the hotel for the meetings, and who knows what else. Just give us all a small raise and I'd be satisfied. But whatev. I guess I'll take what I can get.

So, during these meetings, they provided three meals a day. I didn't go to all the meals because I didn't want to spend 24 hours a day (that's hyperbolic) at the Little America hotel, the food wasn't that good (I'm convinced that it is nigh impossible to feed a lot of people all at once and have it all turn out really well), and because Tim couldn't come with me (boohoo). I did consider sneaking him in on several occasions. It was such a large event that I'm sure it would have gone completely unnoticed. He could have pretended he was a student mentor for the IT program or something and no one would have asked any questions.

On that note, maybe hanging out at hotels could be rewarding. You might be able to get a lot of free stuff unnoticed.

Anyway, the point of all of this is to say that I did eat some granola at breakfast one day and it was amazing. The perfect granola. I'm pretty sure it was homemade (it appeared to be, anyway), and I just want to know how I can get my hands on it so I can have it everyday for the rest of eternity.

Do you think if I called the hotel and asked for the recipe, they would tell me?

14 February 2011

an obligatory post

Even though Valentine's Day doesn't make me feel lonely anymore because I am now a married woman, I still am not a huge fan of the holiday.

Because it is so commercialized, it seems to still have an ostracizing effect for many, like people who aren't romantically involved, or those who don't have much of a disposable income to spend on their loved one. Some would argue that the holiday can be broader, too, which is great, but you can't avoid thinking about it mainly as a day celebrating romantic love. (Maybe just out of tradition? Wikipedia tells me that it's been this way since the 14th century.)

There are certain elements of the holiday I like, and I like how people get creative with it. (Kate Spade's e-cards, for example, are very fun, I must agree.) And I know even if you lack a disposable income, you can still have fun with it. (The e-cards are free! Yeasayer is offering a free EP!)

Honestly, I could probably use some festivity, stop being lame, and get on the holiday train. I should have fun with holidays more. I don't do much. For this and other reasons, I worry that my kids will hate me. Maybe when I have kids, I'll be more interested in making big deals out of things like holidays, birthdays, and other random days of the year (for no apparent reason). For now, it doesn't really appeal to me.

In that vein, I'm giving Tim time (Tim time, haha) to spend with his other lover: homework. I've asked Meredith to be my valentine in his place. (She accepted. Yesssss!!)

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