23 July 2008

Day 4.

Amanda L. Stoddard as herself
Kaden James Wright as "Jacks"
Ashton Parker Wright
Victor Isaac Graves

No animals were harmed in the shooting of this film.

Due to a low budget, more accuracy could not be resolved. But, here's a picture of a Jack Russell Terrier, the vicious scallywag, for the benefit of your imagination.

Some of you [dear readers] may be asking, “What was with the raccoon, baby, dumpsters, etc.? Why all the lies?” And you may feel betrayed.

My motive was to tell people a good story. There’s nothing heroic about trying to pick up a dog. In fact, an unprovoked dog attack is not only pathetic, it’s also unfair. But . . . if I was attacked by a rabid raccoon while trying to save a baby in a dumpster in a less-developed country? That is both interesting, heroic, and totally worth the surgery that my face will most likely eventually require.

Oh, and this picture is DAY 4.


dav`d said...

that video was hilarious. and i totally understand the extraneous stories recounting the injurious offense which got you into this predicament. i'm just a worse...erm, liar, than you are, and tell lame, truthful stories when i detail various injuries. tears. jealousy.

and that sounds like a weird doctor's office. although, it sounds like a place i should go, where was it located? i just...hate. hate. hate. how CLEAN and STALE hospitals tend to be. hm. and plastic surgeons do so much more than boobs. my father would not have a face due to hair lip/cleft palate were it not for pioneering plastic surgeons in the 40s and 50s. :). so on.

Cookie Dough Bandits said...

Oh my gracious! I am tragically unable to view your video here at this computer but I'm pretty sure I've got the general idea and I am very much looking forward to watching it in the future.
This sounds like a horribly dreadful experience... that is TERRIFYING! you poor poor girl. How are you holding up now?
P.S. Due to blogs like this, I am developing a wretched habit of snickering in the corner all alone ...in a public computer lab like one of "those" people that I so often mock. Serves me right I guess. At any rate, thanks for the commical recap!

Bakes. said...

hahahahahaahha!!!! that video was absolutely beautiful!!! and also, delightfully awkward! haha

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