23 July 2008

Day 3.

Ok. Update:

I saw the plastic surgeon, who picked the scab off my face, said he was worried about where the infection "eroded the superficial layers" and spoke of the possibility of future "revisions."

My face is not a paper.

His office was also a "medical spa." When he finally came into the room I was waiting in, he was wearing flip flops and cargo shorts. Very casual, and a little unsettling. (I'm thinking, "Are you sure you know what you're doing?") He does have an apparently thriving practice, and an M.D., so I should have a little more confidence, but I'm not exactly a breast implant patient. (And--most likely--never will be.) Come on. I mean, what else do plastic surgeons do? When I came out, his dogs were there. Two very large and very beautiful Great Danes, actually. He showed me a trick he taught them. He says "Dance," and they jump up on his shoulders, becoming very larger. Dogs in a doc's office? Ok. But at least I discovered that I still like dogs, despite my history with them recently.

I was in the ER twice getting antibiotics through an IV. Two different antibiotics through an IV. Today the plastic surgeon told me to go back to the ER again to get more (I was expecting that he would give it to me in his office, or at least fill out the order for IV therapy form), and I really, really did not want to go. I am beginning to hate the ER. And no, that is not too strong. So I went and told the registar, who luckily did not admit me. He found Dr. Patten, miraculously, who treated me in the ER before, and he filled it out. So I went to the IV therapy clinic, which was a lot more abandoned than the ER, thank goodness. No crazy traumas there. And they showed me how to do it myself. So now, I'm giving myself IVs. Also, for the first time ever.

It is 5:42 AM right now and starting to get light outside. I have been up since 3:21 AM because I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. Oddly enough, I'm having trouble sleeping lately.

I sent an SMS to my host dad in Moscow and we chatted online for a while, so that was good.

That is pretty much all I have to say.
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