29 August 2011


I just vomited for the first time in probably 15 + years. NBD.

Ever thought about how many words there are for this? I found a site called "339 Puke Synonyms." Which ones are your favorites?


Emily said...

I don't see my favorite, which is "singing in technicolor"

Also, are you okay?

Margaret said...

I read "synonyms" to be "symptoms," and I know a DEFINITE symptom of puking. Are you trying to be like Beyonce?

If not, I hope you get well soon!

lindsay b. said...

ha! "delivering street pizza." That's what I will call it from this moment on. Hope you are feeling better!

Laurenkri said...

My dear Amanda! Thank you for your wonderful comments, they make me smile. My favorite on that list is blowing kisses to the China princess, which makes it sound almost delicate ... and then you remember what it actually is. I'm sorry you were sick though.

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