12 September 2011

mmm, hamburger

The other night, I woke up around 1 a.m. from dreaming about a big, juicy hamburger. Tim suggested that we go to In-N-Out, which is open late, but that wasn't quite what I was imagining.

Where does one go to get a fresh burger with a thick, juicy patty, anyway? Also, since when do I dream about food?


Emily said...

are you pregnant? Because that sounds like a craving.

Also, in Salt Lake, you should go to Gracies, it's a pub (bar and food), but they've got the best hamburger I've ever had in my entire life.

If you want faster food, Crownburger has a great burger.

dre said...

last summer's quest was to find the perfect hamburger.

my favorite is from millie's on 21st south.

other good burgers are to be found at fat's, red rock, and b&d's. squatter's also has a good burger.

ah, but millie's can't be beat.

Laurenkri said...

I guess you are in Salt Lake? When you are in and around Utah Valley next or if you are willing to drive that far for a dream, JCW's makes a tasty tasty burger.

Holly said...

This is obviously residual scarring from your vegan experience.

As for good, juicy hamburgers, I would suggest Ray's Hell Burger. It's right here in DC, so when you come to sample you can visit me. Yes?

Rachel said...

(First of all, I really got a chuckle at the idea that you must be pregnant to have cravings. If so, I currently am, and have always been, for all my life, very pregnant.)

I like Smashburger--have you been there? MMmmmm! And their sweet potato fries are delicious, too.

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