21 September 2011


For GRE prep, I've been working with Tim on compiling a vocabulary list, which involves finding words, looking up their definitions, and making flashcards for them. He's taking the GRE again next week in preparation for PhD applications, so I thought I'd take it with him this time . . . I might go to grad school in the next couple of years. Also, I like to commiserate, I guess.

This vocabulary list is frustrating a little bit because I keep discovering that words I think I know the meaning of actually have different definitions. For example, I just looked up the word nonplussed. I have used this word several times to mean something like "totally unaffected; indifferent," but it actually means "bewildered, confused, perplexed." Having the wrong definition in my head seems worse than not knowing the word at all.

On an unrelated note, I'm enjoying listening to music via Spotify lately. I listened to all of Bon Iver's semi-new album on it recently and enjoyed it. Also, (the semi-new album) Helplessness Blues from Fleet Foxes is nice. I like the title track:


Holly said...

Sometimes I worry that half my vocabulary is made up of words that I think mean one thing but actually mean something completely unrelated. It keeps me up at night.

And p.s., Good luck on the GRE. I managed to talk myself out of it. Hope you can do the same. ;)

M.C. Sommers said...

Don't get Margaret and me started on the GRE vocab. You will study those lists and then not one of the words will appear on the test. It's so ridiculous.

BUT it is awesome you are taking the test and thinking about grad school! Good luck!!!

p.s. Holly's comment made me laugh so hard.

Heather Burdsal said...

This news about nonplussed is disturbing indeed. I was under the same sad misunderstanding as you. Now my faith is shaken in my ability to define uncommon words! Woe are us!

Niccole said...

I think you're hilarious. I'm sorry i it's creepy that I stalk your blog.

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