23 September 2011


This is a crappy picture that really makes me want to zoom out, but it's the only documentation I have to put here on this blog.

This is how I slept last night: less comfortably than usual.

Not only did I have the nasal tube (pictured) going in my nostrils and held in place by tape on my cheeks (that stuff kind of hurts to take off, which I didn't consider when I put it on), but I also had EKG strips stuck to my skin, three different belts strapped around various portions of my upper body, and a device (with a red light) wrapped around my finger. Each component had a wire connection going into a monitor (held in place by one of the belts). Holy batman, wires everywhere! It was strange.

I would show you a picture of all the wily contraptions, but my "pajamas" (read: undies) aren't exactly kosher for the blogosphere. TMI? Probably.

Why was I doing this, you ask? Well, I'm participating in a study that involves sleep monitoring. Duh. I'm actually not even sure what they're trying to figure out, but they told me I could get $50 for each night I slept with this stuff attached to me. So I'm all like, booyah, baby.


Holly said...

Way to be misleading. Here I was thinking you had some tragic story resulting in a night spent at the hospital, when really it was entirely self-inflicted. Pity = gone.

Brit said...

That's really weird...but not something I wouldn't expect of you :) ha

M.C. Sommers said...

I'm with Holly, I thought something terrible had happened to you. I'm glad you are okay and merely making some dough. :)

Heather Burdsal said...

That's is exceptionally wonderful. Please post a pic of the entire contraption. You'll have to put pants on, which I know is hard, but it's worth the documentation!

Amanda said...

Amen to everyone else. How did you find about this? Did you have to meet any qualifications, or just be willing to sleep with wires, nasal tube, and co.?

Heather Burdsal said...

I just imagined myself doing this, and The Cat deciding to play tug of war with my nose tube in the middle of the night. Eek!

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