10 August 2011

biffed it

I don't remember the last time I fell flat on my face. Before yesterday.

Well, actually, it was probably winter 2008 when I fell hard on the ice on my way to campus one cold and icy morning. Someone asked me if I was okay and I wanted them to go away. It hurt. But I'm over it now.

Yesterday, I happened to fall flat on my face in public as well. I was heading to the Trax station from Temple Square, and saw the train rounding the corner as I was waiting to cross the street. When the little green man indicated that it was safe to cross, I broke into a slight run (I can only do so much in a skirt, really) in order to try and catch the train.

I thought hope was lost because the train stopped at the station long before I got there. But then it waited, and  kept waiting, so I continued to walk/jog/run to the train. As I was striding across the platform to meet it, I tripped on a grate that was sticking up and fell. Flat on my face. Seriously. I looked like this, kind of:

I bruised my hip and skinned my elbow and knee, but I got up quickly (without looking around or making eye contact with anyone) and continued to the train, which was still conveniently waiting. Then I pressed the "Open Door" button. But nothing happened, and within just a second or two, the train was on its way.

Curse you, Trax!


Meredith said...

I have a lot of extra band-aids and stuff. Some kind soul gave me a bunch for my birthday.

Holly said...

I'm glad no one talked to you about it. That just makes it a million times worse.

Something like this happened to me on Saturday. It was pouring rain out--like, the five-seconds it took to dash from the curb inside a store had you looking like you'd jumped in a swimming pool with all your clothes on--so Sam dropped me off at BJ's to run in and get some things. I was wearing flip-flops, which sadly are lacking in traction, and was consequently walking very slowly through the store because I knew my shoes would only need the slightest excuse. Nevertheless, I encountered a puddle not of my own making and my front leg slid out from under me. I went into a perfect split and then was up again the next second, doing like you did and not making eye contact and pretending I always walked like that. I think it was a mix of my years of dance and my cautious walking that enabled me to make it through without dying like that time in the break room.

I think I probably looked more graceful than you did in your escapade, and I only got a bruise on my knee, but I felt like my story was similar enough to be legit. So . . . you're welcome.

Kirsten O said...

Oh this made me laugh. Don't you feel better when people laugh when you fall rather than be concerned? It makes me feel better. I do feel bad about your wounds, and I hope they weren't too bad. But complete with the drawing, this just made my day.

M.C. Sommers said...

I think we all need to post embarrassing stories of ourselves more often. I especially loved your picture.

So if I repost at your request does that make me syndicated in the blog world? :)

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