08 August 2011

technology magic

So I've been rereading Harry Potter recently. I spent most of my day on Saturday reading the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. In fact, I read the entire thing on Saturday. Seems unhealthy.

As I read I keep thinking how, for us Muggles, technology is magic. What are Harry, Hermione, and Ron doing in the library searching for the perfect charm in order to enable Harry to stay alive underwater for an hour? Why aren't they Googling this? Also, why are they sending letters by owl post when they need to contact someone urgently? The Muggle world uses "fellytones," especially mobile phones, don't they?

The magical world of Harry Potter seems pretty behind the times in some ways.


Rachel said...

I've wondered that, too . . . silly wizards.

Holly said...

I've thought that, too!

In response to your "for us Muggles, technology is magic" comment, in a lot of my stories with magic, the technology is actually fueled by magic. Cool, huh, how you wrote that and in a different kind of way I wrote that? For some reason I thought you'd be interested to know that . . . not entirely sure why, now.

lindsay b. said...


And they can mend bones but there is no sort of laser eye surgery for poor near-sighted Harry.

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