02 August 2011

the "random" feature on NPR

NPR's morning edition usually does a random news tidbit. You can read such stories on their website in the "Strange News" section. I like to call it the "random" feature, though. They're usually like 30-second blips.

Often, these are the stories I remember for a long time to come, not the important or compelling ones. I still remember the story about a couple who got married on New Year's (see? 8 months later here, folks), who were married on a boat in Pennsylvania and jumped into freezing water. A wedding to remember, or something.

This morning's story totally made me chuckle on my morning commute, which is a pretty big feat. It was about a London aquarium that acquired a new exotic fish. This fish was apparently quite fat, because his previous owners fed him a diet of straight chocolate. To wean him off his chocolate diet, the aquarium folks fed him fruit with Kit Kats crushed inside.

It reminded me of that cookbook with kid-friendly recipes containing hidden ingredients, usually unappetizing to children, but very nutritious.

I think we can all learn a lesson from this story.


Rachel said...

The lesson I've learned is that it's okay for me to eat my fruit with a side of Kit Kats. Right?

Holly said...

This is more like it. I'm so pleased you blogged about this; it totally made a perfect end to my night.

And how did the fish's owners think it was a good idea to feed their fish chocolate? It's like how there was an ice cream social in my complex the other night, and there were people with ice cream everywhere when Sam took Fin out to the bathroom. As Fin is a very sweet-looking dog, everyone wanted to pet him, which is normal. This one lady though had a bowl of ice cream and leaned down to pet him, which put her ice cream right at Fin's mouth level, so of course he went for gold. His muzzle was covered in hot fudge and ice cream--which he enjoyed and which horrified Sam, since chocolate is really bad for dogs and since we'd have to clean him up--and as Sam apologized to the lady she was like, "Oh, no problem! Here, does he want some more?" and then stuck her bowl down at mouth level again. Uh, NO! He's a dog, you idiot. How is it a good idea to give a dog an ice cream sundae? Some people are just stupid. Have you ever noticed that? I have.

Joanna Galbraith said...

Thank you very much for sharing. I laughed quite hard.

Heather Burdsal said...

I'm so glad we are blog friends. You have an entertaining life.

Margaret said...

The fish owner is a genius! This can be applied to humans, most definitely. I'll soon be marketing Kit Kat fruit at the pizza bar franchise--both your ideas, of course.

Don't worry. You can have 10% of the shares.

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