25 April 2008

Ghetto speak? I don't know what.

(Warning: All quotes are not verbatim. My memory is somewhat shot and I am unfamiliar with this particular dialect of English, so it's hard to remember exactly. Anybody who is familiar with this dialect may be able to assist me, and I invite your comments if that is the case.)

Somebody who is definitely not from the ghetto came into the LRC the other day. At BYU. In the library. It's true. He wanted to put money on his card. After I completed the customary deposit transaction, he said something to the effect of, "That is totally legit."

And I was all: "What am I supposed to say to that . . . thank you?"

And he goes, "You can say, 'Any time, boo.'" At least, I think that's what he said.

So I said it. And if you, dear patron, are reading this blog post (which is incredibly unlikely), I would like to say something else.

"Boo, have a good day."


JJ Michaels said...


Little Newman said...

'Boo': A term of endearment used by chavs and townies to show affection to a boyfriend/girlfreind.

At least, I believe it means that.

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