29 April 2008

Thank you for reading my public journal.

What keeps anyone blogging? Or writing at all? Or talking? Or expressing?

We could write for ourselves and never let anyone read it. We could listen to music only. We could also play it and no one could listen.

In this self-conscious world, it's a circular attempt at navigating audience-consciousness.

Do we look for a certain response? Maybe not, but we look for a response.

What is nice about being understood sometimes? What is nice about understanding something?

I think: connection.


rachel b. said...

Nope. It's the comments. We're all so pathetically insecure that we need instant validation on anything we thing or say. Or maybe that's just me . . . :-)

Bakes. said...

Amen, Rachel. Also, we all want to be funny. Well, we all want someone to love us in a really superficial way. Subconciously, we all love being told by a distant aquantance-"oh! i read your blog! that was good....did it really happen?".

and because i love you.

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