31 March 2011

the view

They had window washers cleaning the windows of the office building I work in the other day. It was really loud. They rapelled down over the edge and had huge suction cups attaching themselves to the window. They had to hit the suction cups hard against the glass to attach themselves, which was why it was so loud.

But despite being distracted, once they finally cleaned the window I sit in front of, I was happy because now I can see the outside better. (This is my favorite part of my new desk.) It gets really hot when the sun is out and it's kind of hard to see my computer screen. But I do not want to close the blinds.

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Home on the Grange said...

Beautiful! And thank you for describing the loud noises of the suction cups. I nearly spit out the water I was drinking at work when I read it because the picture you painted was so humorous :)

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