17 March 2011

gonna get my hairs cut

I am blogging a lot today. Here and there.

Probably because I deactivated my Facebook account temporarily. The blog world fills the void inside.

Today some girls at work were talking about what a difference it makes to get a really good haircut. This has come up more than once, actually. I haven't experienced that in quite some time. I've been going to hair schools for the past several years, and I am starting to question how worth it this is. (I am not always wise with money, though I am rather frugal.) I always come away from hair school experiences with some amount of frustration. They take an insanely long time, the cut is usually mediocre, if not disastrous, etc.

That conversation at work was compelling. I called a salon to make a hair appointment. Here's to splurging on the nice things in life! I hope my wild dreams come true and I will come away from this with a haircut that is good. I don't have any idea what I want. Maybe I'll just go in and say "I don't care what you do to my hair, as long as it comes out feeling good in the end." Does that work?


Elizabeth said...

Dan has always tried to get me to go to hair schools to get mine done, but I just can't do it. I think it's because my hair is so think and easily mess-up-able that I only trust someone who makes me pay a lot of money.

I will say, however, that I'm rarely disappointed with my stylist of now almost 3 years. What I love about her is that I'll go in with this trendy idea that I saw in a magazine and she will tell me straight up, "that won't look good on you because of your face shape/hair's too thick/whatever else." It's harsh, but I'd rather she be honest than make me look like a fool.

Good luck and post pictures!

Becky Beazer said...

I've never had a haircut that I've been super excited about. Probably because I always go the cheap route, too. Last time I got my hair cut at Paul Mitchell's, though, the girl from Arkansas gave me mullet-style layers. It was gross! So I went all out the next time and got my hair cut and dyed blonde by a real stylist. He was a straight guy (whose other job is stand up comedy!), and the cut and color were okay. I have yet to have the perfect haircut.

Margaret said...

As a frugal person who, like you, usually goes to hair schools, I would HIGHLY recommend that you try a salon out. One girl, who now works from Riverton, cut my hair and honestly made me feel like a million bucks! I have never felt so good about myself since. It was so worth it.

The trick is to find a good place. Don't just go because it's expensive. Try looking at their reviews. Google "hair salons" and your zip code.

Brit said...

You probably do not want to come all the way here but I am almost always satisfied with the place I go to in Provo.

Holly said...

I'm trying very hard not to judge you for your admission about hair schools. ;) I'm glad you've seen the light and will be going to a salon; make sure you listen to Margaret, though, and go according to recommendation and not just because it's a salon. You want someone you can trust. :)

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