26 January 2011

what happens when I'm not noticing?

Sometimes I notice random things, sometimes I don't.

Yesterday I noticed two random things:

  1. For the second day in a row, I was driving to work alongside a girl who lives in my apartments and whom I saw at church on Sunday. She works near where I work, and lives near where I live.

  2. For the second day in a row, I saw the same man at 7-11 using a pay phone. The first time I saw him, I said to Tim, "Look at that guy talking on the pay phone. Who uses pay phones these days?" I saw him again at the same 7-11 talking on the same phone.


Holly said...

New carpool buddy? Just don't let her take my place in your heart. ;)

P.S., Tomorrow, you should use the pay phone at the established time and place so the guy is like, "Really? No one uses pay phones anymore. What the heck!"

Becky Beazer said...

buddy was selling some of his school books online, so we were at the post office sending off books three times in one week. Each time we went there was this short, greasy latino guy that would stand in line and check women out as they got out of line in front of him. He wasn't even subtle about it, you could see him look them up and down. It was crazy. Who goes to the post office for the view? I wonder how often he goes there!

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