03 January 2011

Help Dylan

My good friend Kirsten and her husband are doing a fundraiser for their nephew, Dylan, who has an unfortunate medical condition that requires special treatment. His family can't quite afford everything on their own and need some help.

Tim and I are fairly strapped for cash these days, so we didn't donate much, but it feels good to do a little bit. I am amazed at how much has been raised already. They only started this fundraiser about a month ago and are already more than halfway toward their goal of $8000. People are so generous.

Kirsten and Sead have a PayPal account set up, so it's pretty easy to donate. Here's the address for the blog where you can find more information and a link to donate: http://dylanfund.blogspot.com/

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LeMonte said...

This is awesome (that we can help, not that they are having this struggle-) and I want to/am going to donate! Thanks for putting it on your blog. Also, I just read several of your posts and you are hilarious and I miss visit teaching you!

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