12 November 2012


image from simplyrecipes.com

I bought one of these impulsively at one of the many local Hispanic markets the other day. I wasn't going to act on my interest in the strange fruit, but then Tim said something about me being cool for trying new things. So of course I had to go for it.

I came home and cut into it and took a tentative bite before realizing that it isn't something meant to be eaten raw, which the Internet then confirmed. But it did strike me as similar to an apple, which the Internet also confirmed. (Same genus apparently.) I have yet to eat it properly, but I imagine it will be good. It smells nice.

Anybody ever had quince?


Kirsten O said...

I've never had a quince but my grandma grew up on Quince Street in downtown Salt Lake and I always had the impression it was something like this but never knew until now, so thanks!

Susansweaters said...

I can identify with you - sick most of my pregnancy - loved the baby of course!

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