13 November 2012

i ♥ babies

I'm baffled by how precious newborns are. I never really caught the vision of babies until I had one of my own. And he is growing TOO FAST. I wondered if I would understand "baby hunger" after I had a baby, and I think despite feeling like I was about to vomit about 90% of the time during pregnancy (the other 10% was a combination of pre-morning-sickness, in ignorant knocked-up bliss, and also actually vomiting), and despite a somewhat horrific birth experience (which even now, a short 7 months later, doesn't seem quite so awful as it did at the time), I might want another someday. Because, well, newborns: aren't they just so sweet? If we have the opportunity to experience being parents of a new baby again, please bless he/she isn't colicky. But even if colic did encroach on Shep's sweet newborn qualities a bit, it was still super neat and so ephemeral.


Luke and Andrea said...

I feel the same! :)

Hilary said...

HaHa. The only time I ever feel baby hungry is a month after giving birth.
I also think it's a tender mercy from the Lord that your memory of childbirth gets altered. You don't remember it being that bad so your willing to do it again. And when you are about to deliver, you remember how bad it was, but it's too late to turn back.

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