04 November 2012


Yesterday I gave Shep a lemon wedge to suck on just to see what would happen and he seemed pretty into it.

This kid is totally my child, and I didn't know it before that moment. Do you remember how my host family in Russia was really cute and put a little plate of lemon wedges out for me at meals because they knew I liked lemons? That was cute of them.

I'm going to interrupt my blogging now to go make some lemonade.

P.S. Thanks for your responses to my post about sleep issues. I was nervous about posting that because I've struggled in the past to express myself honestly without being a source of frustration. It's like, I think I'm just sharing when I'm actually being annoying. Oops. So I was a bit hesitant to open up on the blog, but it seemed to go okay. Thank you.


Heather Burdsal said...

ARo! This is prime video material. Shep's First Lemon should have been documented! And shared!

Amanda said...

Amen to Heather.

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