23 December 2011

why semi-adults should not wear baby clothes

My friend Britney is doing a series of throwback posts on her blog right now to commemorate her upcoming birthday. Her most recent post about extracurricular activities reminded me of this one embarrassing experience I had in high school. If I ever do a series of throwback posts, I think I'll commemorate embarrassing experiences from my past because I can remember several off the top of my head. (My memory for most other things is not so great.)

Once upon a time I found this tank top bodysuit/onesie, and I was so pleased. It kind of looked like this:

Apparently this is not really a common item of clothing, so I had a hard time finding an appropriate picture when I searched online. But imagine something similar to that hot little red number: a camisole in white with a snap-crotch closure. I loved this thing! I was always having issues with my undershirts coming untucked or riding up or whatever, so it seemed like the perfect solution. An undershirt that would never come untucked!

One day, I was hanging out after school for mock trial, wearing my awesome undershirt onesie, and I went to the bathroom. The thing is, I started getting kind of lazy about snapping it closed when I had to go potty.

You might be able to imagine what happened next. I came back to the classroom we were working in and the back flap was totally hanging out of the skirt I was wearing. My fellow mock trial participant Stephanie Handy (I wonder what Stephanie's up to these days . . . ) informed me of my oversight. She was probably pretty confused, but I appreciate her telling me how weird I looked.

Moral of the story: people who dress themselves should not wear baby clothes.


Brit said...

I love that your posts are always so funny! I love it. I apologize that mine are just long, and long :) Thanks for sharing. I had a super awesome mustard yellow one that was not just a tank top but the actual shirt when I was in elementary school. Back in the day it was hard to snap yourself up so after using the restroom I I always had to ask someone else in there to help me do it! It's okay, other girls asked the same favor of me, or is it okay!??

Holly said...

My mom has a couple of shirts like that. It's always an effort not to mock her--particularly as she will just roll her eyes and ignore me, which isn't a satisfactory response at all.

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