05 December 2011


As we often do, we visited Costco this weekend. They had a demo guy there from Vitamix, and I WANT ONE OF THOSE MACHINES SO BAD! I was standing there like a young star-crossed lover, completely infatuated not with the man running the display but the nice blender he was operating. I kept turning to Tim, who was standing beside me patiently, and saying things like "We could make soup! We could make ice cream! We could make smoothies! It's so easy to clean!" I couldn't stop talking about it after we left, either.

There's a couple of questions holding me up, though. (a) Are Vitamixes really worth the money? (b) Where is said money going to come from?


Laurenkri said...

My mom has a vitamix. She enjoys it and it lasts a long time with regular ice-induced wear and tear for smoothies (I seem to recall you had a post about breaking blenders for your smoothie obsession? Is it creepy I remember that? ... yes, probably). Anyway, they do come with a high price tag, but are pretty simple to clean, a little bit terrifying to operate (start out slow then work your way up), and they do make a mean tomato soup). Merry Christmas from Tim? ;)

Kirsten O said...

Not sure where the money is going to come from, but I think they are worth it. I've also been lusting after one. Especially when my own blender just doesn't measure up to the expectations I conceived when I had access to my parents' Vitamix.

Rachel said...

A couple in our old ward loved their vitamix so much that they bought one for each of their adult children (something like 4-6 kids/vitamixes). I tried convincing them that they loved me like a daughter, so I should get one, too; it didn't work. If you discover a money tree (or a vitamix tree) please do let me know.

Leigh and Todd said...

Todd and I have been having this same thought about the blendtec for about six months! We finally decided the money would not magically appear so we are getting a kitchenaid blender. Not as good but I have tried my parents and you can still make ice cream and soup in them!

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