07 December 2011


Yesterday I was so proud of myself because I got showered, dressed, brushed my teeth, AND left the house all before 10 a.m.

I'll hold for applause. (It's really amazing how easily I'm impressed with myself lately.)

I went into a work meeting, and people there were so nice to say I looked good [for a pregnant woman]. If they only knew what I look like 99% of the time. Probably I look kind of like how I feel: not well enough to brush my teeth on a daily basis.

Not that anyone needs more evidence of how hard I've let myself go for the past few months, but one of the first things Tim asked me when I arrived back at the homestead was "Want me to get you your sweatpants?"

Speaking of things that I feel proud of myself for, the other night Tim brought me some toast and hot chocolate and I threw up most of the hot chocolate afterward. I've still got it, folks.

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Kerstin Miller said...

awh! such a sweet hubby! that stinks that you are still getting sick! hopefully things will get better for ya soon! hey what's your email address? I can't find it! I'm looking for yours and Jon's addresses for Christmas cards.

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