11 April 2011

phone woes

I really need to update contact information in my phone. Especially for Husband Tim: I have two numbers that are no longer valid saved under his name. One of them is a work phone number for a job he hasn't been at for almost a year. Another is his cell phone number. He hasn't had a cell phone now for a few months. I really should stop calling it "his," because I just found out last week it belongs to someone else.

I accidentally sent a text to that number instead of the number associated with Tim's Gmail account. It said the following:

"Is it bad that i steal feminine products from the bathroom on the second floor whenever i need them? i don't even attempt to bring them from home"

The reply was something like this:

"Sorry, same number but new person. I don't know you"

(Sadly, I deleted the message from my phone so this is not verbatim.)


Rachel said...

HA! That's pretty good :-)

Katy said...

hilarious! I both love it and hate it when stuff like that happens to me.

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