20 April 2011

economic insecurity

I don't really know how I feel about tax cuts for the wealthy, not really because of any strong leftist political views, but I just feel like those who have enough money to not have to worry about money (my definition of "economic security," which this article says you need about $68,000 a year to achieve for a family of four) don't really need more.

The estimate of $68,000 a year seemed pretty reasonable, and it kind of freaked me out because Tim and I might be poor for a long time (hello, long-term students). Oh yeah, and wage increases aren't really keeping up with inflation either (hello, crappy economy and oil crisis). What's the opposite of economic security? Oh yeah. Hello, economic insecurity.

I heard someone or other (a Republican senator maybe?) talking on the radio a while ago saying that the wealthiest 2 percent in America deserve tax cuts because in order to be wealthy in America, you have to work really hard. Also, tax cuts for the wealthy translates into more jobs, which translates into better economy for everyone! I don't know if I can get past the generalization that those who are wealthy work hard to get there. It doesn't seem like a fair claim. There are a lot of people who work hard and don't get wealthy, too. I don't really think wealth is always merit-based, though I'm sure there are plenty of wealthy people who deserve it and use it to benefit other people besides themselves and their families.

I think most people deserve economic security. Not enough people have this right. It'd also be nice (though it's probably a privilege, not a right) to be able to afford "middle-class amenities such as vacations, dinners at restaurants, flat-screen TVs, cable subscriptions, movie tickets or other entertainment." (That quote comes from the article linked above, "Beyond 'Surviving': Defining Economic Security.")

Anyway, even though I am constantly worried about money, things always seems to work out okay in the end, and for that I'm grateful.

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