26 April 2011


I'm feeling very nostalgic for school right now. This is a bit unusual for me. Certainly I've missed college in many ways. I feel like I had a lot more going on then, and my world felt bigger. It was nice to be busy and to be actively progressing toward a goal. I've been bored a lot since and have often felt stagnant.

It's the academic side of college, the knowledge acquisition, that I haven't pined for, exactly. I didn't particularly enjoy many of my classes the last year or so of my undergrad, and I wish I could go back and redo some of it. I was taking the classes that would fill the requirements for my degree without much consideration, and I anticipated finishing in a timely manner (at the time it seemed important to me, but now it seems like graduating is overrated unless you have something to move on to immediately afterward).

I did really enjoy some of my classes, especially the ones I took at the beginning of my major. But later on, I took some that I didn't enjoy and didn't do that well in. I graduated feeling disillusioned about my college experience. I lost a bit of my faith in the goodness of learning. I felt like all I had learned was how to get by not doing everything I was supposed to.

Now, after two full years of being out of school, I'm feeling this sense of nostalgia and remembering the academic portion of college somewhat positively. I think that means I'm recovering a bit from my disillusionment. Maybe I'll even go back to school . . . someday.

For those of you who are done with school, what was your transition to the "real world" like? What do you feel like you learned most from your college experience?


Holly said...

I'm going to rebel and not answer your question and just comment about the whole "timely manner" thing. I graduated in three years because I thought that was so important and it was a goal of mine, and literally the day after I graduated I was like, "What have I done? I love school and there were so many fun, non-major classes I could have taken! I'm an idiot!" I still regret that. There was no reason to push through college so quickly, and I really wish I hadn't.

Tracie said...

I only minimally miss school. I miss the freedom of doing what I want when I want to. I miss learning new things and being a part of a community.

But considering how often I still have nightmares about failing classes and having tons of homework, I can't say I miss it that much.

Plus, I know that when I can I'll take community classes. You never have to stop learning. I learn a lot by reading on my own.

I think the important thing to not getting bored is to find a passion. (I'm always stressed and overwhelmed but rarely bored. I have too much to do and I have many interests I've thrown myself wholeheartedly into.)

Also, I miss working with you. :)

Meg said...

Stagnant is the exact word I have used to describe my life since graduation. I'm not going anywhere, not doing anything. I'm just here, living. So here's the new goal: learn how to unstagnate your life. Then you can tell me. Ready, set, go!

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