13 July 2010

Pity me!

I'm not garnering much sympathy via Facebook status update, so I'm hoping to have more success here with the following sob story:

I was really excited back in . . . whenever it was . . . when we decided to move to a new place one block away from our old apartment for the summer only. Our decision was based on just a few factors, and the foremost among them was AIR CONDITIONING. (We had a window unit in our old apartment, but it just did not do the job.) So this summer has been glorious. Glorious, I tell you!

Until yesterday.

I got home from work and was immediately overpowered by a wave of heat and mugginess. (I like the word muggy. Do you?) It was incredibly awful. So I tried adjusting the A/C. Then I left for my water aerobics class, picked up groceries, picked up Husband, and came back to the apartment to bask in the heat and the mugginess, which had only increased since I'd left.

We turned the A/C off, pronto. That helped the mugginess a little. Then we did the dishes (which didn't help the mugginess) and tried to use a recently purchased vacuum (purchased from DI). I turned it on and the motor made an awful noise. So I turned it off, but then turned it back on, thinking maybe the hose worked. (Just troubleshooting, I guess.) It was at this point that smoke started emanating from the base of the vacuum. Husband alerted me and, though I was tempted to keep it on because I was really curious about what would happen next, my wits returned as the horrific smell followed the smoke. I turned the vacuum off and took it out of doors, but it was too late.

The apartment reeked. And it was hot and muggy. Have I mentioned this part? HOT AND MUGGY. We simply could not stay.

The night ended with Tim and I sharing a twin bed (on an unusually uncomfortable mattress, no less) in a house in Payson (not just some random house, Tim's dad's). We slept through the night without much difficulty, surprisingly, and then woke up and left again at the unholy hour of 5 am so we could get ready for the day in Provo and I could make it to my carpool at 6.

Back in the hot and muggy apartment again, while assembling lunches, I noticed that there seemed to be a higher concentration of heat in one corner of the kitchen. Strange. Upon investigation, I realized that the oven was on. I had last used the oven approximately 36 hours before discovering this. SOB. I am fairly certain this did nothing to help the broken A/C problem.
The end.


Hilary said...

Poor Amanda! That must have been miserable! Lucky I visited you last week.

Amanda S. said...

You're right, Hilary! You saved me. I don't know what I would do now if you hadn't come!

Becky Beazer said...

Poor Amanda! (that's what you wanted, right? ;) ) just curious: can't your landlord fix the a/c? Another solution: spend all your days at Seven Peaks. Forget about work.

ps. we're coming to provo for Kaycee's wedding on August 6th. will you be in town? I'm thinking--maverick for sure, and maybe costa vida!

M.C. Sommers said...

Poor Amanda! (Are you getting your fill of sympathy?) I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgets to turn off the oven.

kirsten said...

Ok, but we all know that your stove is possessed (ya know, shattering plates), so maybe your oven is too. And perhaps the AC.

Jonathan said...

Yes I pity you even more now.

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