14 July 2010

A/C update

Thank you, sympathetic friends, for your kindness.

The landlord sent someone to fix the air conditioning yesterday afternoon shortly after I got home from work. Coincidentally, I knew the guy: he used to be in our ward and was the elders quorum president before he and his family moved away. He checked to make sure everything was working satisfactorily inside, and said that it was, then told me he'd have to get on the roof to fix it. But he couldn't do it right then because his truck with his ladder was in Wallsburg (at least I think that is what he said, but I'd never heard of the place, so I can't be sure). He didn't explain why it was there, but I bet it was a really good story.

Thus we were off to Payson again for yet another night in the twin bed.

So apparently I can't manage any alarm clocks other than the one I'm used to using: I tried setting one on my phone, but it didn't ever go off, so I didn't wake up in time to get to my carpool, so I took the bus, which was awesome, most especially because it took two hours.

I hope this post elicits even more sympathy.

P.S. Why is it still 70 degrees in the middle of the night in Provo?


Holly said...

You don't have to take the bus home, though! Your carpool misses you. And the people in it.

Elizabeth said...

That totally sucks :( Although I have no sympathy for you complaining that it is 70. Try having it be 95 in the middle of the night :P

Home on the Grange said...

Sheesh Amanda; that sounds like quite an ordeal. Maybe you and I are on the same wavelength; I've had the craziest couple of months ever! Perhaps our stars aren't aligned correctly? Let's get together and choreograph a good luck dance or something so we can make this right.

Tyler and Kristen said...

I hear you!!! We have to have all windows open and a fan going in the window at night so the house will hopefully get down to like 74 degrees by morning, then it's just the steady climb back up past 80 for the rest of the day! I'm ready to move to Alaska. Good luck!

Dave and Jana said...

Does this mean that the Christensen's moved?

Dave and Jana said...
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Sarah-lucy said...

Oh dear. That sounds TERRIBLE. you have elicited my sympathy.

Brent and Lauren said...

When we moved to Lindon, (from Logan) the first thing that I noticed was the heat. Now my daughter just sleeps in a diaper and has a fan going all night!

If you want to always wake up early, have a baby. Sleeping in will NEVER happen! :D

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