05 March 2008

Miss or Ms?

My blog posts are becoming more frequent. I don't know why this is, but I wonder if I have a subconscious sense that my readership is growing. Someday, my blog is going to be world-famous.

Have you wondered about the difference between Miss or Ms? Apparently the title "Ms." was an outcropping of the feminist movement as a nonspecific term that could apply to either a married or unmarried woman. They are even pronounced differently. Miss is [mis] and Ms is [miz], with a VOICED FRICATIVE at the end. Hm. Never knew.

Oh, and I opened an IRA today. Don't know what that means, quite, but I figure it can't be bad.

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d & e wilson said...

I could tell you all about IRAs, I just had to take a test about them for my job!

And to comment on your Miss vs. Ms., I go with Ms. because Mrs. sounds old and for whatever reason, Ms. makes me feel independent still. Like, I don't need to be tied to my husband in everything I do. My two cents.

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