12 March 2008

2nd post/Library patron rant

Something has amused me today. A kid came in with fines. I wasn't helping him, but I heard the end of his experience at the LRC, which went something like this (we'll use the unspecific terms X--the patron--and Y--the LRC employee):

X: Is there anyway that I can have my account not affected after paying like 5 times or something?
Y: (confusion)
X: It's just that I check stuff out all the time here, so it seems acceptable that things might be late once in a while.

My thoughts toward X:
So basically, you're asking for extended privileges just because you take advantage of the privileges you already have...often. Is that it? Try just bringing the things back on time. I mean, if you come in so often, that shouldn't be too hard, right?



Bakes. said...

ha...this is amazing.

rachel b. said...

I use the computer lab all the time. Could I just take a computer home with me?

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