27 February 2008

Nail-cutting obsession.

I used to wear my nails long all the time, but it really bothers me when I have pretty much any nails at all these days. Sometimes I cut them as I'm walking to school, even.

This may be carrying my obsession too far. Katy, my friend at work, was talking about how she saw someone cutting their nails as they walked across campus. Her reaction was one of slight disgust and incomprehensibility (?). In English, she thought it was weird. Secretly, I was happy that she had witnessed such a scene, because it made me think, "That means I'm not the only one!"

Today, I took a short break at work and had to eat something, so I went to the break room and bought a frozen burrito. As I looked at the nutrition facts, I scoffed at myself...the "usually pretty healthy eater" (I only say that because I own soy milk, I guess). But that was a tangent. What I wanted to say is that I decided that the two minutes that my burrito was heating up would be prime time for fingernail cutting, so I went over to the garbage can and clipped away.

A couple of other people came over to use the microwave. This whole scenario made me feel like a little kid. First of all, the lady referred to the fact that I was using one of the microwaves and that they needed to use all 3 of the microwaves indirectly. That wouldn't normally be significant at all, but the guy that she was with started making a big deal out of how one of the microwaves was not cleaned well by the previous user. And apparently they had made a mess. "Don't their mothers teach them anything? Don't they know that they are decreasing the efficiency of the technology?" (He might not have said the word "technology," but I'm sure he said "efficiency.") I thought to myself that my mother certainly did not teach me to clean out microwaves after each use, and even though I knew that I had not used that microwave, I felt almost guilty, because I questioned whether I could have been the microwave mess culprit.

And if he was disgusted by the microwave, I can't imagine what he must've been saying about the fact that I was clipping my fingernails in an area where food is prepared (after I left, of course).

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Katy said...

haha!! I am in your blog!!! Yes! I've been mention in two blogs--I think that makes me pretty much famous. But seriously funny story

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