15 February 2008

Feelin' the love.

A couple of things have made happy at work today, even though I have been here for nearly four hours and will be here for six and a half more later on this evening (not exciting. . .but not bad, either):

1. A student who could be old enough to be my mother, plus some. She just made me think of young women's leaders when I looked at her. She had to take the library audio tour, which is this ridiculous requirement in freshman composition classes where students have to check out a CD with an even more ridiculous recording. I was helping her more than I would for a more usual student. She had to make sure she could operate the CD player, and she seemed really grateful that I offered her a locker to put her stuff in. Actually, seeing her cute little backpack that is definitely not modern made me so happy. I don't know why, but I really loved her in that moment.

2. Another unusual student--a Chinese girl who spoke pretty bad English. She wanted some Disney movies but she didn't know how to look them up, or even which ones she wanted. Again, I'm not really sure why, but it makes me so happy to have helped her.

College is already difficult enough without being a 'typical student.' I can't imagine studying at this level in another language and country, or as a technologically-impaired middle-aged married woman with children. Good for them!

It made me think of a talk from Elder Eyring's devotional address, which is good:

"The Holy Ghost came to comfort and to guide you. As that recurred again and again, you may have noticed a change in yourself. The temptations that once troubled you seemed to fade. People who once seemed difficult began to appear more lovable. You began to see almost unreasonable potential in very humble people. You came to care more about their happiness than about your own."

That happens sometimes.

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